July 20, 2019
NAME String Art! w/ Heartstrings by Laura
12:30 PM

SEE OUR GALLERY PAGE and then PICTURES OF UPCOMING ARTIST EVENT... for a picture and options for this class.

This is a little different take on the traditional String Art classes we usually have at the winery.

Choose the name you want to string. It can be a last name or a first name, we leave that completely up to you!

This class will have the 10 x 18 boards pre-nailed so all you need to do is choose your color of "yarn" and string!

When you call to pay and register we need several things from you:

1) What board you would like: Jacobean OR Classic Gray
2) What font you would like (see picture above and choose from 1, 2, or 3 from the Svatora name fonts)
3) and of course........ the name you've chosen.

Again, these boards will be pre-nailed with white nails.

PRICE: $50 and includes two beverages and everything needed to go home with your own art!

This class is VERY limited with only 14 registrants. So don't delay and call right away. Stop in or call 740-788-9463 to make your paid reservation which will guarantee your seat.

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Barefoot McCoy (live music)
7:00 PM

Back into the winery in 2019, we are fortunate to have Barefoot McCoy monthly with us!  His music is becoming well known all across Ohio and we are very fortunate to have this young musician with us.  Listen to him once, and I guarantee you, you will be coming back again and again as he sings his way into your heart and soul.

Barefoot McCoy is an American singer-songwriter and musician.  His music is characterized by his deeply personal lyrics and distinctive instrumental work.  Barefoot's genre is a unique blend of singer-songwriter, folk-rock, and blues that often resonates with the interior and exterior trials and tribulations of life.  Favorite classic songs by the likes of Creedence Clearwater Revival, Cat Stevens and Bob Dylan

Barefoot's writing often includes traces of his beliefs and values in peace, humanitarianism, naturalism and romanticism.

We hope you join us from 7:00-10:00 for an entertaining evening.

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    Y e a r   a t   a   G l a n c e    
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